Put More Light On Your Product Documentation

Technical Writing and Localisation for the Pro Audio Industry

If your business hasn’t been paying attention to your documentation, you’re ignoring a sales tool and a revenue generator and you need to rethink your priorities.

– Aaron Fulkerson

Technical Writing

This is where it all begins. Finding the right words for your users and creating highly understandable product information and user manuals is crucial for business success. As technical writers, we know how to structure and design your documents from chapter to word level and improve readability, comprehension and usability to influence or confirm the reader’s purchase decision.

We also know about the legal requirements for the European markets to help you avoid mistakes which could cost you dear and damage your brand reputation.

Translation & Localisation

To be able to gain new customers in other countries, perfectly localised product information is essential. Our team of experienced native-speaking technical translators spezialises in the consumer and pro audio field and help you create content that doesn' t feel like a translation – making your customers feel at home with your texts and with your products.

Moreover, we can help you avoid the typical mistake of not considering local regulations and legislation when translating, for example, owner's manuals which were originally created for the US market.

Illustration And Design

Creating illustrations, layouts and designs for user guides, data sheets, websites, web banners or even print adverts is our daily business. We can design your product documentation from scratch or help you with modifying existing material for your local markets. Since your corporate design should stretch across all media, we help you to give your documentation a consistent look.

We can also create efficient templates for Adobe Indesign with all required formats for your documents to cut down the cost for authoring and improve visual consistency.

All From A Single Source

SInce we are very experienced in the Pro Audio market, we can help you streamline the process of creating user documentation as well as marketing materials like spec sheets, press releases, web content or even advertising. Just provide us the source material, be it information on and images of your product for creating new material, or your English source files for translation to other languages.

This way, your products communicate to users and prospective customers in a professional, consistent way in every aspect and across all media.